The focus of this division is to analyse cause and provide effective systems to protect substrates against corrosion.

This division was born in 1995 through a collabration with M/s Atlas Minerals & Chemicals Inc.,USA, world leaders for over a century in non metallic corrosion resistant construction meterials and industrial flooring.Acid alkali brick lining, epoxy screeds, glass flake reinforced resin based lining, tile grouts were the mainstay of this division in protecting structures against corrosion.

It was further strengthened in the year 2000 through a collabration with M/s Rubber Polymer Corporation,USA for the manufacture of Non- Asphaltic, Elastomeric engineered membranes for water proofing.



Acid Brick Lining
Structural Rehabilitation
Glass Flake
Elastromeric Waterproofing Membrane
Polymer Lining
Setting Beds Grout