We offer a broad range of chemical cleaning services for virtually any type of vessel and equipment to be cleaned. Plus, our pumps and auxiliary equipment are unsurpassed for power and reliability.

Each job is tailored to the application.

Typically, a pre-operational chemical cleaning job involves the following operations:

  • Removal of rust preventive compounds, greases, dirt, sand, cutting, oils, etc.
  • Removal of millscale, rust and other corrosion products.
  • Neutralisation and passivation of the freshly cleaned metal surfaces.

Chemtreat's key to providing quality chemical cleaning rests in the engineered selection process. We have the largest variety of solvent systems, including chelants, organic solvents, inhibitors, alkaline cleaners, organic acids emulsions, mineral acids and detergents from which to develop cost-effective chemical cleaning processes. For our cleaning chemistries, we pay strict attention to environmental concerns, which is why we have developed several biodegradable formulations that have no known carcinogens, low personnel exposure risk and minimal impact on sewer and waste water treatment systems.

Chemical filling, cascading, on-stream cleaning, foam, vapor phase and recycled foam are among our chemical cleaning techniques - techniques which can eliminate a range of equipment problems and degass organic compounds. Most of the process used by Chemtreat are proven industry standards for effectiveness and safety.


  • Choosing the right chemistries depending on metallurgy, scales preservation schedules.
  • Choosing the right equipments like: pumps, temporary piping , fitting , etc. depending on circuit flow, flow restriction, pressure drops, velocities and other parameters.
  • Choosing sophisticated Laboratory monitoring facilities for right control by monitoring parameters during cleaning for proven results.

Equipments available for Precommissioning Chemical Cleaning:

  • Skid mounted pressurised hot water generator of 800,000 kcal capacity with output temperature upto 140°C.
  • Heat exchanger, steam coil equipped circulation tanks.
  • Motor pump skids upto 400 cubic meter per hour discharge and 90 meter head.
  • Temporary piping upto 8" dia approximately 3000 mtrs.
  • Valves, spool prpes, flanges & other fittings hose pipe, steam hose pipe, etc.
  • Mobile Test Laboratory: Facilities like atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Hach potable spectrophotometer, Auto titrators, Oxidation-Reduction Potentiometer, Glasswares.


The compressed chemical (solvent) FOAM is generated by the specially designed foam generator is used as the cleaning medium which provides better surface contact than chemical circulation methods and reduces the solvent consumption to 10% thus to eliminate disposal problems of larger volumes of solvents. The Foam Cleaning system is the ideal method for cleaning of process vessels, fin tube exchangers, surface condensers, high pressure steam turbines etc. because of its maximum solvent-to surface exposure so as to reach entire surface without air/gas locks or gaps.




Chemtreat's Vapor phase cleaning techniques and equipment's are most appropriate for removing organic fouling from columns, especially those are used in refineries and petrochemical industries. A wide variety of low boiling point solvents and specialty vaporizing equipments are designed to handle to meet any volume of cleaning requirement.

PROCESS: The solvent vapors are introduced into the column/equipment by an overhead line from the vaporizer and allowed the vapor to condense inside the column to flow downward through trays for dissolving the organic material. The condensate/the solution of organic material is then pumped out for rectification and recycling of solvents.

The principal advantage of our vapor phase cleaning facility is that a large column/vessel can be effectively cleaned with a relatively small volume of reclaimable solvent.






Our Hydrodemolition systems are designed to cut/remove defective concrete without damaging the reinforcement using rotating high pressure waterjet.

The system will remove concrete carefully and effectively from Bridges, Floors, Roofs, ceilings, and all vertical surfaces such as walls and columns. The system is vibration free and will not cause any damage to the re-bars or the surrounding area.

Hydrodemolition system does not generate any vibration or hammer effect, hence no cracks or fresh damage caused. The selective removal specialty of this system minimizes the removal of good concrete and eliminates additional structural damage. There is no rebar damage and it cleans between rebars to provide superior bonding surface. No injury to operator caused by vibrations and heavy lifting as compared to other mechanical methods. This proven technology is absolutely dusting pollution free and much faster than any mechanical removal methods. Chemtreat's Hydrodemolition systems can cut and remove undamaged concrete without damaging the surrounding structure.


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