Divisional Objectives:
To analyse the cause of corrosion,Evaluate plant/ Component residual life, by continuous monitoring of data generated to prevent early/ permeture plant faliure.

To create awareness and to provide online corrosion monitoring services and products. Marketing and after sales support for lab analytical services through world class facilities.

Corrosion is defined as the destructive reaction often electrochemical in nature of a metal with its environment. Corrosion is an extremely important phenomena having severe economic considerations often neglected by most governments and industries.

Annual estimates of lossess related ot corrosion runs into few billions of dollars.

The economic considerations of corrosion arise from the enormous cost and productivity lossess that occur due to:

  • Premature component failures
  • Unscheduled plant shut off causing production lossess
  • Problem of product contamination
  • Environmental disasters
  • Personnel safety
  • Frequent repairs & replacements.

- Integrated Corrosion Management Division