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Chemtreat India LTD is a worldwide leader in the field of Corrosion control services. The imagination triggered our first step in 1980, when our managing Director Mr. Mukul Gupta an enterprising & far-sighted Technocrat with specializing in Corrosion control services Ventured into the competitive field of Chemicals. Despite all the challenges that awaited a new entrant, our commitment to excellence and a total value approach stood us in good stead. Total understanding of the grass root cause of Corrosion has enabled us to offer comprehensive anti- Corrosion solutions, all under one single roof. Thus earning us the reputation of being an effective problem solver in this field.

Teamed up with reputed international firms Chemtreat has leapt to national & international prominence as an innovative engineering, Consultancy & Manufacturing Organisation, Implementing the most effective & reliable corrective measures for corrosion control.

With a gamut of services & products using upgraded technology and ever-expanding list of clients, we have charted out new road to growth. Meeting Challenges all along the way, defines our single-minded obsession to pursue perfection in all our activities. Our corporate philosophy thought the journey of new road to growth has been total costumer satisfaction.

Now this what we call Our Competitive Edge