R & D


Research and Development


The well-equipped in house Research & Application centre of Chemtreat India LTD., has sophisticated laboratory & complete corrosion monitoring equipment Which enables us to wrestle with complexities involved in designing effective corrosion control methods. Our Research and Development centre is equipped with modern apparatus for chemical analysis, surface studies, and analysis of water, scale samples. Our Research and Development centre offers various methods & techniques like Weight loss coupons, Electrical resistance probes, linear polarisation probes. These actually analyses the root cause of the problems and provide customised solution.

Our Research and Development team continuously works on newer
Methodologies & Techniques for the Removal and control of oxides/Deposits from Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, and Pipelines etc. We also work on the Development of Water Treatment Chemical Formulations for Control of scaling/Fouling/Biofouling/Corrosion. Selection of anti-corrosive coatings (paints).

Our Research and Development team Selects corrosion resistant material required for Development of new products in the chemical cleaning and corrosion control fields. With this our team of highly qualified professionals do Failure analysis
studies for corrosion in various industries. Electrochemical studies in various environments on various metals. We also conduct corrosion Monitoring studies to assess ongoing condition of plants.

We have state-of-the-art laboratory for testing, pilot studies & computer application for corrosion monitoring. All Corrosion Tests as per NACE / ASTM standards.