RUSTPRIME is an eco friendly brush/spray applied polymer based rust conversion primer incorporating highly effective oxygen scavenging agents.

When & Where do you need RUSTPRIME?

Effective surface preparation is the key to successful performance of coatings and sand/grit/shot blasting is one of the most effective ways to prepare a substrate. Where blasting is not possible due to reasons like:

Government Regulations :  prohibited/large requirement of compliances.

Weather :   projects running through monsoon where surface & sand blasting media are wet for a long period.

Quantum Of Work :   small equipments /single pipe lines/ erected structurals, etc.

Operations : running plant, restricted / congested area for operation, chemical plants with requirements of flame proof operations / offshore.

Rebars :  rusted due to prolonged external storage.

  • Steel always tends to form rust- its natural form of existence. Rust is always in the form of layers.
  • Oxygen & moisture / water - causes & propogates rust.
  • Rusting is a continuous dynamic process at two levels
    - at the surface : by continuous fresh intake of oxygen & moisture.
    - at the substrate : due to entrapped oxygen, water, dissolved salts.
  • Complete removal of rust is impossible except by sand/shot/grit blasting
Basic Truths about Rusting
Why Conventional

rust converters do

not meet the above

  • They are phosphoric based which are technically rust stabililsers and not rust converters.
  • They do not have the capability to penetrate through all layers and scavenge oxygen. Hence complete rust conversion is not achieved.
  • They leave an acidic surface which hinders effective bonding of finish coats.
  • Should effectively tackle surface & substrate rusting.
  • Should be capable of de-oxygenating at the rust-parent metal interface.
  • Should give a neutral surface upon curing.
  • Should be non toxic.
  • Should be impermeable to further ingress of moisture & oxygen.
  • Should convert rust completely.
How A True Rust Converter Should Work
The 4step Process

How does RUSTPRIME work?

  1. First - converts rust into stable ferro ferric complex.
  2. Second - Offers surface protection by forming an membrane impermeable to water / moisture & oxygen - agents causing corrosion.
  3. Third - offers substrate protection by penetrating to the bottom layer of rust, scavenging the oxygen and absorbing the moisture.
  4. Fourth - The impermeable membrane doubles up as an effective neutral primer to receive finish coats.

How you benefit from RUSTPRIME?

  • Effective bond between concrete & Rustprimed rebar.
  • Effective bond of finish coat paint to neutral Rustprimed surface
  • Extends life of the protective paint film and steel structures thereby minimizing frequency of annual painting and hence saves costs.
  • Rust is totally & completely treated.
Accreditions / Approvals have been received from: Bhel
Tata Steel
IIT Bombay
SAIL/Bhilai Steel Plant
Naval Dockyard.




Rust Prime