We offer complete services with own manufactured products for structural rehabilitation, thin section concreting (onto existing concrete slabs for patching, slope setting, etc.)

Our services include:

Removal of weak concrete & linings Hydroblasing
Treating corroded rebars Rust Prime
Repatching the removed cover to concrete Maricreter & Reaklad A3000
Water & corrosion proofing to further Deterioration Epoxy coatings & rubber prevent polymer membranes.

It is noted that:

Hydroblasing removes weak concrete & linings with out any vibrations to surrounding concrete and at faster rate.
Rust Prime treats the rust in the steel bar completely eliminating further rust.
Maricreter & A3000 are fast setting portland cement based mortars which can be used from as low as a thickness of 3 mm with out any problem of chipping off.

Acid Brick Lining
Structural Rehabilitation
Glass Flake
Elastromeric Waterproofing Membrane
Polymer Lining
Setting Beds Grout